Is E Cigarette Health Claims Credible?

Is E Cigarette Health Claims Credible?

As electric cigarettes became more popular, several companies quickly rose to produce a variety of e cigarette health benefits to appeal to the increasing number of smokers. It had been not surprising that these companies begun to create products that would assist you to stop smoking, given that they all desire to promote better health for his or her customers. These services offer from physical exercises to relaxation techniques. Some even promise that you may live longer by smoking less.

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In most cases, e cigarette health claims are just that claims without evidence. For instance, one company states on its website, “New scientific studies show that the chemicals in cigarette smoke reduce your risk of heart disease.” As the studies have yet to be published, the company does not offer any proof that their product decreases the risks of cardiovascular disease. That is a blatant promotion of a product without providing any supporting evidence.

Many other companies promote physical exercise in an effort to stop smoking. Since there is some truth to the idea that regular physical activity can reduce the likelihood of smoking, it is not likely to completely eliminate smoking. Smoking is a psychologically addictive habit, in fact it is impossible to fight your physical urges without also fighting against your psychological addiction. Therefore, while e cigarette supplements can help you quit smoking, they’ll do so by lessening your physical cravings, not by lessening your psychological urge to smoke.

Relaxation techniques are another area that has been favored by a cigarette health claims. Yet, these techniques have no scientific basis. Instead, these techniques simply cause you to think differently about smoking, that may lead people to light up again when they feel stressed out or worried. While this might sound counterproductive, the consequences of stress on smoking are well-documented. The only way to seriously combat stress and reduce the likelihood of lighting up is through proper relaxation techniques that do not require using e-cigs or any tobacco products.

One of the most popular of cigarette health claims is that you can dramatically reduce your chances of getting lung cancer along with other respiratory diseases by quitting smoking. That is simply not true. Actually, quitting smoking all together can increase your risk of various respiratory diseases and cancers. Quitting smoking will help you to live longer and healthier lives, but doing so will not dramatically lessen your threat of lung cancer or other diseases. Actually, quitting smoking will cause you to breathe better, making you able to fight off much more serious disease and illnesses such as emphysema, bronchitis and cancer of the lungs.

One of the more questionable the cigarette health claims is that you could significantly reduce the period of time needed for one to achieve a good level of erection. E Cigarette health claims often say you could achieve harder and longer erections by smoking. This appears like a clear and simple solution, nonetheless it is not so. To get hard and long lasting erections, you must combine a range of healthy lifestyle habits, not only smoking. Besides, even if you do manage to achieve longer lasting erections with all the cigarettes, they are still not worth the side effects.

Another of cigarette health claim deals with how you can significantly lessen the quantity of lung cancer deaths that you’ll otherwise be expected to endure in the event that you continued to smoke. The problem with this claim is that there are no studies which have directly attempted to test the hypothesis. There is no information on the health ramifications of long-term smoking on our body. However, most of the other health problems that are associated with longterm smoking have been been shown to be connected with smoking, including increased risks of cardiovascular disease and certain forms of cancer.

The easiest method to protect yourself from the harmful ramifications of smoking is to stop smoking all together. As tempting as it may be to continue smoking once you have kicked the habit, the body will be thanking you for this in the end. If you don’t want to end up like the man in the ad having said that he used to light another cigarette every hour on the path to work, try to be sure to set a time limit on your own to quit smoking. Once you set a period limit like 3 months, you can drastically reduce the quantity of cigarettes you light up podsmall per day. In addition, if you’re attempting to cut back on your cigarette smoking rate, try switching to either a flavored cigarette or an alternative kind of cigarette.